Portrait of Colon Dash ParenthesisPORTRAIT OF COLON DASH PARENTHESIS

2010 • 136 pp. • $15.00
ISBN: 978-1-933959-10-8
Litmus Press
Cover art by Allan McCollum

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These are poems as performance. There are rather more actions than actors, their relative importance often pointed up with italics and exclamation marks. We develop a thirst for what is going on, without quite knowing what it is. Yet the poems are very precise about preciseness. They will wake you up.

— John Ashbery

It’s not strangeness alone that makes the book in your hands so uncanny. It’s that it is never redundant in its aesthetics or lacking minute particulars. I have known this bewilderingly precise poet for many decades. It is his gift to have put together a book that reads like a discontinuous stream, into which we step carefully and always into a pool of emotional questions. His is one of the most radical voices I have heard — and good for a new century.

— David Shapiro

Ashbery and Shapiro speak in different ways of Jeffrey Jullich’s “strangeness,” the quality Ashbery grows thirsty for, “without quite knowing what it is.” Both poets speak of the poet’s precision, while Shapiro adds the teaser of the “decades” during which Jullich has perfected his poetic production. Now lemme provide the California POV. We’re all variously trying to account for the apparent paradox of a writing so surprising and new, that has lain unnnoticed, like Moses in the bulrushes, for years and years, while lesser phenomena have clamored for our attentions, blazed and burnt out. I guess we weren’t ready, till now, for this, ah what do they call it? “Paradigm shift.”

— Kevin Killian

Portrait of Colon Dash Parenthesis is a finalist for the poetry Book of the Year Award. Of the award, ForeWard Reviews writes, "Representing more than 350 publishers, the finalists were selected from 1400 entries in 56 categories. These books are examples of independent publishing at its finest."
The winner will be announced late-June 2011.


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Thine Instead ThankThine Instead Thank

2007 • 136 pp. • $15.00
ISBN: 978-0-967803-15-9
Harry Tankoos Books

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Jeffrey Jullich finds the royal road to the unconscious dead-ending at the entrance to a scary Philip Johnson megalith: "The tongue of St. Anthony in a glass box, that's / My childhood for you, in technicolor, that and a / Game of marbles on a hotel lobby floor." In this Psychopathology of Everyday Life, however, accident becomes deliberation, as Jullich deploys his verbal tangles with pleasure, this and mastery, as an antidote to suffering: "ilk amazon kin / mustesteem same azimuth." Poet conceal thyself! (I mean...) Like psychic space ("a sea coast pounded by / drummers sleek in their wetsuits"), this book is at once comprehensible, strange, and exciting. It places you at the façade, and puts the rock in your hand.

— Stacy Szymaszek


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